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License, Bonded And Insured     

Did you know? If you hire an unlicensed and uninsured contractor you could lose big time? How? Here is a list of "How" you can lose.
1. If the worker falls and breaks his neck.
    This situation happens! Actually, people die on project sites. But, lets talk about breaking your neck. If this happens then what? Well the homeowner can be sued big time! So, you're trying to save $800.00 on your project and it potentially cost you hundreds of thousands of $$$'s.. 

2. There is no recourse if they accidentally burn your house down.
     No insurance and no bond? Now what? Its all the homeowners responsibility. Good luck with that.  

3. Oregon Construction Contractors Board

     The CCB was developed after homeowners and contractors couldnt agree on something when things went wrong or some other reasons. Lets explore the reason CCB is around and running here in Oregon.


I will be adding to this post in the near future for more on this subject.

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